ChemDiv Achieves Milestone in Viriom Collaboration on Elsulfavirine/VM1500A Long Acting Injectable Formulation Development

Title: ChemDiv and Viriom Collaboration: Achieving a Major Milestone in Long-Acting Injectable Elsulfavirine/VM1500A Formulation Development


ChemDiv, a leading global biotechnology company, and Viriom, a biotech startup focused on developing innovative anti-viral therapies, recently achieved a significant milestone in their collaboration to develop a long-acting injectable formulation of elsulfavirine/VM1500A. In this blog post, we will delve into the key insights provided by this milestone and explore the implications of this collaboration towards advancing anti-viral therapies.

Key Points:

  1. Elsulfavirine/VM1500A:
    Elsulfavirine/VM1500A is a highly innovative and potent antiviral drug developed by Viriom that is designed to treat various viral diseases, including HIV, Chronic Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis Delta. The drug works by inhibiting the replication of the virus, reducing viral loads, and maintaining long-term suppression.
  2. Collaboration with ChemDiv:
    ChemDiv and Viriom announced their collaboration in July 2020 to advance the development of Elsulfavirine/VM1500A’s long-acting injectable formulation. The collaboration combines Viriom’s innovative antiviral expertise with ChemDiv’s extensive experience in drug discovery and development, making it a significant breakthrough in the field of antiviral therapies.
  3. Achievement of a New Milestone:
    In September 2021, ChemDiv and Viriom announced that they achieved a significant milestone in their collaboration on developing the long-acting injectable formulation of elsulfavirine/VM1500A. The project’s progress signifies a significant breakthrough in developing antiviral therapy, reducing the treatment burden on patients who have chronic viral diseases.
  4. Long-Acting Injectable Formulation:
    The long-acting injectable formulation of elsulfavirine/VM1500A has several advantages over traditional oral therapies, including prolonged release and lower dosing frequency. The formulation will ensure optimal patient compliance and effective long-term viral suppression, providing a much-needed therapeutic option for patients managing chronic viral diseases.
  5. Importance of Collaboration in Antiviral Therapy:
    The collaboration between ChemDiv and Viriom is a testament to the power of collaboration in advancing the field of antiviral therapies. The partnership between the two companies has brought together their respective institutional knowledge, expertise, and resources. Such collaborations can result in significant progress in the development of anti-viral therapies, especially those for chronic diseases that have a high mortality rate and where traditional oral treatments are less effective.
  6. Future Directions:
    The achieved milestone in ChemDiv and Viriom’s collaboration represents a significant step forward to the commercialization of long-acting injectable formulations of elsulfavirine/VM1500A. The next phase of the project will focus on pre-clinical work, optimizing the formulation for clinical trials, obtaining regulatory approvals, and expanding the scope of the collaboration towards research into additional viral diseases.


ChemDiv and Viriom’s collaboration on developing long-acting injectable formulations of elsulfavirine/VM1500A marks a significant milestone in the development of viral therapeutics. The collaboration demonstrates the power of bringing together companies with complementary expertise and resources to solve complex health challenges. The achievement of this recent milestone signifies crucial progress in the development of innovative antiviral therapies, especially for chronic viral diseases. The long-acting injectable formulation is an example of how technological advances and collaborations are transforming the field of drug development and providing patients with more effective and manageable treatment options. With such partnerships, we can expect exciting breakthroughs in antiviral therapies, revolutionizing the way we treat viral diseases.